Clearing out the crud

We’re well on our way to clearing out the house prior to our move hopefully in a months time. Boxes of books made their way to the charity shops in Gill high street, and multiple engagements with the lovely old volunteers have left me pondering a change of hair cut to a blue rinse

To aid the cleansing process, we have engaged the E bay button to flog the rest of our useless priceless posessions. Who would have thought a broken 4th Generation iPod would actually get bids? I’m beginning to regret throwing out the Sony E800 with broken screen and missing battery. I also phoned my mum up to have a go at her for getting rid of my Action man when I was 10 that had a leaky battery as I reckon I could have sold that too. Pfff

Anyway, enough warbling, if you want an air-conditioner, broken 4th gen iPod, climbing shoes or maternity clothes etc, head here to snap up a piece of jonesnow history. It’s not like we are trying to sell a dead fairy or anything….