Music to feed the Soul

It’s been a profoundly musical day for me today, and everything I have listened to has moved me enough that the Facebook update I was going to post, has turned in to a blog post.

It started by listening to the Smiths “The Queen is dead” at work this morning, and wondering how lucky we are that Johnny Marr and Morrissey came together. We then had a short walk as a family this afternoon in Duncliffe Woods, and there was a particular bird that haunted the woods with it’s song as we wandered through the leaves.

Jack shared an early video of James brown dancing on facebook this afternoon that had me trying to bust some moves at 38, and after a house clear up Cath made my evening by surprising me with a programme she taped for me off Sky Arts last night of the making of Stevie Wonders “Songs in the Key of Life”. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you need to buy it and devote some time to it in my humble opinion. It’s simply his best album and is underpinned by a strong spirituality and musical open mindedness that still has it as a classic for me now.

I’m tired from a slightly manic couple of weeks, and today has been a real tonic in reminding me that listening to music, rather than having it on as a background to life, makes a world of difference in how it uplifts you.