Practice what you preach. is our current hosting company, and some might argue the name says it all, yet until last week I have never had a problem with them. Then our domain went down. Then my email went down. Not a happy chicken it has to be said, but I am more than annoyed with myself than them. After preaching to all and sundry about the joys of backups, and feeling very smug with my dropbox, flickr and external hard drive backups, I suddenly had a sinking feeling. As this was our first wordpress site, we hadn’t backed it up. Previously we have always built HTML sites from scratc,h and so always had a backup on the PC. Not this time though 🙁

Thankfully, Google cache came to the rescue but if you are wondering why all your comments from the last three posts have disappeared, here’s your answer. Now, time to repeat my zen backup mantra lest I forget…..