We made the call to drive down last night to Maidstone, and a painless journey has us ready to celebrate Christmas for the first time in a while with all the Jones’. Christmas is always a family time, but as this is the first time in a while, and the kids are so small, it’s shaping up to be a bit of special one.

Searching in the understairs cupboard though has now stepped it up another gear, with the discovery of the following ;

It’s a 1962 bottle of port given to us from the cellars of New College Oxford. As the label is missing, we have no idea what it is. Having sampled a similar bottle 3 years ago (which was possibly the nicest alcohol I have had on planet Earth), I am seriously looking forward to what should be some stellar port.


The hangover as usual will be non-negotiable, but does anyone have a clue from the seal as to what sort of port this will be?

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