Ellis is the kind of lad that really doesn’t like to lie down. Anyone who has been around him will know he likes to be cuddled and held, lying down is simply not an option. We decided to get him a Bumbo as a result, a rather natty contraption that keeps your baby sitting upright.

Not our baby, honest

We have been really happy with this but I feel honour bound to warn other parents of the one peril of this contraption – the Bumbo poo. Basically, sittinging in that position has the same effect as a couple of bowls of allbran. Combine that with the fact that the bubmbo holds your baby tightly to keep them upright, means the Poo has then nowhere to go. It leads to some fairly explosive results. The moral of this story is, buy a Bumbo by all means, but at the first sign of any rumblings, you need to move faster than a Jedi to a lightsaber.