Just come home and spotted a baby blackbird lost and alone in the garden. I looked like it had fallen out of a nest and its parents were flying around, quite distressed, and looking for it. Poor little thing, it looked in shock. I’ve taken advice from the RSPB and tucked it by the hedge near to where I think it’s nest is. The parents have quietened down but I’m not too hopeful.

A good few years ago at our house in Forest Hill we had a nest of robins perched in the ivy outside a window. We watched the chicks for weeks until one day a cat spotted them. One chick was turfed out and we put it back but over the course of that night the cat worked it’s way through the whole nest and next morning it was empty.  It might not be lions picking off antelope on the plains, but nature can still be cruel even if its just in the garden.