It has to be said that having kids places a real dampener on actually being able to get out and about in the mountains. I love my two boys deeply and take a massive amount of pleasure of taking them outdoors and sharing my love of all things natural, but a recent route on Viewranger says it all. 1km distance. 1.75 Hours time elapsed. I’m pining for the ability to stroll at my own pace, rather than exercising patience and letting the kids explore to their hearts content. Bar a couple of days out and one overnighter, the last few years have been barren for me for serious hill time.

So when Sean from the Blackmore Vale Mountaineering club mentioned he was heading up to Plas Y Brenin to do a course, a cunning plan hatched. As a result I’m hitching a lift up with him on Saturday, walking for the day, wildcamping for the night before meeting up with him to hopefully do the North Ridge of Tryfan on Sunday before heading back again. I’m also meeting up with Lauren from Flight of the Bumblie for the wildcamp and I’m so excited, I’ve packed and repacked my sack twice already.

There is something delicious that has been missing in my life about the anticipation of a hill trip, the route planning, getting the kit together, and talking to your friends about what you are going to do. I knew I had missed my time on the hill, but I’ve been surprised at how much I have missed the preparation for a good trip as well. Opening boxes for kit that hasn’t been used in a year, the smell of meths, and coming across gear that in my case I had forgotten about has left me so excited that I’ve been to bed seriously late for the last two days. I’ve got a massive grin on my face right now, and I’ve not even stepped outside my front door. Roll on the weekend…..